Sascha Jacob - Approved Driving Instructor - Testimonials

Here is a selection of short testimonials written by successful, and now fully licenced drivers

Lisa Thomas – Callington

Sascha was recommended to me as an excellent driving instructor.  I commenced lessons with her soon after my 17th birthday.  To start with I was quite nervous and driving wasn’t something that I picked up easily.  However, with Sascha’s patience, calm approach and carefully structured lessons I improved my areas of weakness and became more confident with my driving.  I took Sascha’s advice as to when to take my theory and practical tests and passed them both first time.  Finally, Sascha has a great sense of humour which makes lessons even more enjoyable.  I very much appreciate all the help and support she has given me.  Thank you!

August 2013

Gemma Walker - St Dominic

I was a complete beginner when I started learning with Sascha on my 17th birthday and it’s been a great experience. In her relaxed lessons she was always clear with explanations and made me feel comfortable about asking questions, however silly they might have seemed. She has been patient and positive about my progress: excellent qualities for a teacher. Most importantly she gave me confidence in my own driving ability. Sascha was also accommodating about fitting in extra lessons closer to the test date and her communication with me outside of lessons to schedule these was very reliable. I’ve really enjoyed my driving lessons with Sascha- it’s thanks to her I passed first time!

April 2013

Libby Harman

Sascha is a really great instructor. I started off on my first lesson with lots of nerves, not really having any clue about what to do. She was very patient with me which allowed me to progress in my own time. I found her very accommodating, suiting lessons to my ability and time scale. She is very reliable and without Sascha giving me the confidence I needed I doubt I would have passed first time.

February 2013

Laura Butler - near Callington

Sascha Jacob is a patient and professional instructor who takes-in the needs of her students to allow them to progress at their own speed. She is a confident teacher who puts no pressure on you as a new driver, allowing you to be completely relaxed at all times under her instruction. I passed first time and would highly recommend Sascha to anyone of any age. I would also let you know that she has a passion for polo mints!!!

January 2013

Donna Prescott

I am 38 years young and I first got my provisional licence 20 years ago. For several reasons I never had a driving lesson or got behind the wheel of a car. I decided this year it was about time I got the confidence to learn. Sascha was recommended to me and I have to say from day one she has been great. I started off with so many nerves and fears and struggled to get over 30mph, which we had some good laughs about. Sascha has a kind and gentle way of dealing with her students. She has encouraged me all the way: never making me feel uncomfortable or stupid or that I couldn't do it: always positive. She is without a doubt an excellent teacher.

I passed my test on the third attempt. OK I'm not a first time passer, but I never gave in and Sascha was never going to let me give in either. We both knew I could do it, and boy was the examiner in for a surprise when he told me Ii passed. I have never been so excited or proud. I'm still laughing, Sascha at our girly nonsense.

Thank you, Sascha, I couldn't have done it without you. I would recommend to anyone young or old "to get out there and do it", and if you are looking for the right driving instructor you will find her in Sascha Jacob. Thanks again.

November 2012

Russell Youles, Tavistock

Sascha is a brilliant driving instructor, she has a relaxed style and is very patient and will tailor your lessons to suit your ability and requirements. Without being taught by Sascha I very much doubt that I would have passed first time!

May 2012

Maya Tollit, Calstock

My first driving instructor was not reliable, and a friend recommended Sascha as an instructor. She was always reliable, on time, and never rushed lessons. I always looked forward to my lessons with her, and instantly noticed an improvement in my driving. Sascha didn't just teach me how to pass my test by only driving the test routes, but she planned lessons that taught me how to deal with different situations on the road wherever they arise. Now I have passed my test (although I will always continue learning and improving my driving) I feel that I am a confident and safe “all round” driver who can deal with different real life situations. I really appreciate the effort that Sascha put into teaching me to drive and am very grateful. I would gladly recommended Sascha to anyone starting to learn to drive.

May 2012

Dan Ball, Saltash

Sascha is a truly brilliant driving instructor, I think with another instructor I would not have passed first time.

Sascha would shape her lessons around how I was progressing and would only move on once she was certain I was ready. Learning with Sascha has boosted my driving confidence, and as I used to be very hesitant I have now become a better driver. From practising manoeuvres to dual carriageway driving, she was insistent that I was confident on all fronts until the point when she said I was ready for my test.

My parents were so pleased that my sister and I passed first time. I really cannot praise her enough for what she has done for me, because I am sure the lessons learnt will really stay with me. I know this because two years ago my sister passed with Sascha and has remained a confident driver. She now has two years of no claims on her car insurance. Thank you again Sascha for being such a brilliant instructor.

March 2012

Josh Baker, St Ann's Chapel

I don't think you could ask for anyone better than Sascha as your driving instructor. She was absolutely great in helping me pass my test. Sascha really helped in developing my driving ability. Every lesson I had I felt that I'd improved and learnt something new. Sascha is really calm in the car, which made me feel confident and relaxed: a great and comfortable environment to learn in. Without the support, knowledge, guidance from Sascha I would not have passed my test first time. Thank you so, so, much, Sascha.

January 2012

Christie Rosser - Saltash

I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Sascha. She always put me at ease and was very patient. At the start of my driving lessons I was very nervous but with Sascha's help and support my confidence grew greatly. Sascha works very hard to help her students develop their driving skills to a high standard and I would recommend her to anyone. I have now passed my test. Thank you Sascha for all your help!

December 2011

Aimee Pritchard - Plymouth

I spent just over 2 months having lessons with Sascha on her Midway Pass Course. I am an American and had driven for 7 years before moving here and needing to learn to drive like a Brit. I heard about her driving lessons through a chance conversation with her husband, whom I worked with at the time. Wow, am I glad he did!

Sascha was a wonderful Driving Instructor. She let me set my pace with an assessment drive, tailoring lessons so that I could challenge myself, but never pushing me beyond what I was comfortable with. She was unfailingly patient and positive, without being saccharine or false. I think she understands that driving is a large part mental and builds up her students skills and confidence, taking me to quiet places she knew to practice my steering or my first attempts at the maneuvers, and always giving positive feedback with critical feedback. She never gets upset or frustrated. I was impressed with the number of times she had gone home and tried to find a new way to explain things to me, even bringing in an aerial view of two difficult roundabouts for me to get a different perspective on them. She understands how the test works and ensured that I could drive confidently on the roads around Plymouth, particularly the ones with unusual or troublesome spots.

I would, and will, most certainly recommend Sascha to anyone at any level looking to learn to drive. Through teaching me to drive in the UK, Sascha has given me my independence back, which is a lot more than a few driving lessons sound like. And at the end of it, I have both a driver's licence and a new friend!

November 2011

Hayley Martin - 17 - Callington

Sascha is a very supportive driving instructor. I knew little about driving when I started, but I knew Sascha would be there to help me throughout. I really enjoyed her lessons and I could feel myself improving everytime. I would like to say thanks to Sascha for all the help and time she put into my driving lessons, and I was happy to know I passed first time :) Thankyou so much, Sascha!

October 2011

Holly Paul - Callington

When I started learning to drive with Sascha I had had very little experience and driving definitely didn't come naturally to me. Sascha was always very supportive and encouraging, and always kept going with me. When I passed my driving test I had Sascha sitting in the back which made me feel a lot more confident. And when I got told I had passed I was over the moon and very thankful to Sascha. When she dropped me home it was very wierd to think that I wouldn't be going out driving with her again. I am very grateful to Sascha for getting me through, and making me a calmer, better driver.

March 2011

Jake Jones - 17 - St Cleer

I have recently passed my driving test first time after completing a 30 hour semi-intensive course, Sascha was very patient and developed my skills in the areas that I felt least confident and as a result I feel a much safer driver. I always enjoyed myself on the lessons and I could feel myself becoming more confident on the road with each lesson. One of the reasons that I am glad I chose Sascha is that you aren't just taught how to pass the test, you are taught how to be a safe driver for when you inevitably have to drive on your own. Sascha was able to stop my bad habits while at the same time developing good ones, which I will carry on doing all my life. Thank you Sascha.

January 2011

Amy Endacott - Calstock

Sascha was a calm, patient and caring Instructor even when I really tested her! She was consistently supportive and reliable with my lessons and her advice was spot on. I was guided well through the learning process and found my driving lessons with Sascha enjoyable and rewarding, I felt I was constantly learning and improving. I subsequently find myself as a competent, confident and safe driver. Sascha was the perfect Instructor, she was recommended by a friend to me and I am more than happy to do the same.

November 2010

Isobel Goodman - near Callington

I had been learning to drive with a different instructor for a while but due to them moving, I had to find a new instructor. I had 20 hours with Sascha. She really helped to develop my driving skills further and build my confidence. Initially I was worried that having to change driving instructors would be difficult, but Sascha was very supportive and patient and I passed my driving test first time! Thank you Sascha!

November 2010

Megan Cloake - 18 - Callington

I have been learning to drive with Sascha for a little while. The lessons have been really good. I have enjoyed each lesson that I have had. In each lesson you get lots of help and support about your driving and you always improve week after week. Sascha is a very patient instructor and always makes you feel at ease and relaxed whilst you are driving. I have now passed my test, all thanks to Sascha :)

October 2010

Jack Wills - 17 - Lower Metherell, Callington

I recently completed a Midway Pass Course with Sascha which entailed 20 hours of driving (including 2 hours for the actual test).

After an initial assessment from Sascha of my driving skills, Sascha suggested that this course would be the best one for me, as I had already gained some private driving practice with my parents.

We booked the test and worked back from that date and I am pleased to say that I passed my test first time! The lessons were well structured and good fun!

Thank you Sascha for helping me achieve my independence!

September 2010

Nell Haywood - 18 - Calstock

My Semi-Intensive Driving Course

When I first called Sascha, I had just started a new job in Tavistock, and it was very awkward having to get the bus in, and back everyday. I explained this to Sascha and asked her what she thought would be the best way to get my licence as soon as I could, so that I could get out on the road on my own. Sascha came up with the idea that the best thing to do would be the semi-intensive driving course.

I had an assessment lesson where Sascha advised me on the amount of hours that she thought I would need to enable me to safely reach test standard. We then booked the test and worked out the hours, spread over the weeks leading up to the test date. This suited me excellently because it allowed time for practice in between lessons with my mum, and the lesson's times would be very flexible. Sascha always chose times that would work around my schedule.

I passed first time and am now driving confidently on the roads and am able to get to work on time!

Thanks to Sascha’s kind nature, patience and polo mints, I had an excellent learners experience and I am extremely grateful for all that she did for me. Thank you Sascha!!

August 2010

Janet Hall - St Ann's Chapel

I commenced driving lessons with Sascha on 4 May 2010 and after 16.5 hours of lessons, passed my driving test first time on 8 June 2010.

I was a mature student with 45 years of bad driving habits (picked up overseas) to correct.

Sascha understood my concerns and needs and went the extra mile to ensure I was able to comply with British requirements.

She is an empathetic person with a cool, calming professional manner and I would recommend her to anyone of any age looking for a caring, knowledgeable driving instructor.

June 2010

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