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Sascha Jacob is a female driving instructor offering driving lessons, intensive courses, and refresher and Pass Plus training in Plymouth, Tavistock, Launceston, Callington, Saltash, and Liskeard and surrounding areas.

The courses are flexible, and can be individually tailored to meet all particular needs. Some typical courses are described and costed, below. There are savings to be made when booking a course, or several sessions at a time.

Sascha is very happy to discuss your requirements with you, and offers a one-hour reduced-rate assessment session so that the best plan of action can be agreed.

Saturday lessons are available at the same rates, but are rather more heavily booked in advance than weekday tuition.

Please check her customer-client charter, most of which is courteous common sense, before making any commitment.

A deposit is required on booking. Depending on the circumstances it may not be refundable.

Here is a reminder of what you have to do, yourself, first of all.

You can study for the theory test at any time. There are many books that will help you do this. Any bookshop will have a wide selection to browse - you may prefer to do this, rather than choose something from an on-line store.

There are a number of www sites that offer useful stuff, much of it is free of charge. Sascha suggests:

The Highway Code (free on-line version)
Government advice for learners

Some good self-tuition materials
Driving Test Success
Smart Learners
Smart Driving

In reality a lot of the theory fits into place once lessons have begun, and you will then have someone to ask about things.

Before approaching Sascha for lessons you must have a driving licence. For most people this will be a provisional licence which permits you to drive whilst accompanied by the holder of a full licence. You must be 17 or older to hold a provisional driving licence. You can apply for one from 16-yrs 9-months or older (but it is not valid until your 17th birthday). The forms are available from any post office, or you can do it on-line here. It takes about two weeks for your provisional licence to arrive.

Once you have a valid provisional licence (Sascha will need to see it) your lessons may begin, and you may also apply to take the theory test. Theory tests can be taken a few days after applying, and your result is given on the day of the test. You cannot apply for your driving test until you have passed your theory test. You will need to have your theory test pass certificate available. Waiting time for the driving test varies, but allow six to ten weeks. Occasionally cancellations by other people lead to earlier opportunities. The current cost of the driving test is set by the DVLA at £62.

To book the theory test go here and to book the practical test go here - but please discuss with Sascha what you are planning to do, and then keep her informed of what bookings you make: she needs to pace your lessons accordingly!

From October 2010 part of the practical driving test will include a section called "Independent Driving". Details of this are here. Sascha will explain to you what is required, and give you practice at this aspect of driving skill when it is appropriate.

Sascha Jacob's Semi-intensive Pass Course

This is 28 hours of in-car training, spread over four or more weeks of one-to-one instruction, to suit your schedule and that of Sascha, followed by an allowance of two hours to drive to, and take, the test: 30 hours in all. The cost is £700, which includes the cost of taking the driving test. This is a popular course that suits most people. The pace is comfortable, and the desired result is attained reasonably quickly.

Sascha Jacob's Mid-way Pass Course

Some people already have some experience of controlling a car and this course brings them up to test standard in two or three weeks (or longer if you wish). It comprises driving test allowance of two hours, and 18 hours one-to-one tuition, 20 hours in all. Cost, inclusive of driving test fee, is £500.

Sascha Jacob's Hourly Rates

In some cases it may be best to work by the hour. The rate is currently £23 per hour: slightly more than the rate for the complete courses above. This is for one full hour of in-car tuition. One hour lessons are recommended for absolute beginners, and two hour sessions, charged £46, are the more beneficial for improvers. If required 1½ hour lessons, at £34 can be arranged.

Block bookings. The hourly rate is reduced by £1 when ten or more hours are booked ahead: a £10 saving per booking. These bulk-buy blocks can be worked through in 1, 1½, or 2 hour lessons at times that are suitable to both parties. A 10 hour block is currently on offer at £210.

The Pass Plus Training Course

The Pass Plus is designed by the Driving Services Agency and the insurance services. The course involves at least six further hours of instruction and accompanied experience including: motorway manners; foul weather techniques; night driving; rural roadsense; urban (rush hour) situations; and dual carriageway requirements. The course should be completed within twelve months of passing the driving test. In addition to enhancing the road-safety aspects for participating drivers there are substantial benefits provided by participating insurance companies which can offset the cost of the course. Further details are on the Directgov web site.

Sascha will discuss her pricing for this course at the appropriate time with intending participants. Some local authorities give fee assistance of up to 50% for such Pass Plus instruction: for more details on this follow the links from the Directgov site.

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