Customer Charter and Code of Conduct
Sascha Jacob, Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

This charter does not replace common sense,
or sound business practice, or statutary rights.

Sascha Jacob has chosen to be governed by the Driving Standard Agency (part of the Department of Transport) voluntary code of conduct. The DSA web site is at

Sascha Jacob, ADI, will be courteous, polite, tidy and punctual. She will also behave in a professional and ethical manner at all times. She has passed the Criminal Record Bureau check. Her car is dual controlled and adapted for learner-driving. It is fully insured for tuition; mechanically well maintained; clean internally and externally; and tidy inside. Her insurance covers students whilst she is supervising them driving her vehicle.

Sascha is a non-smoker, and will not occupy herself in any other business or personal activity whilst providing tuition. There will be no other passengers in the car. Her blood alcohol level will be well below legal limits at all times.

In adverse weather, lessons may need to be cancelled, as seen fit by Sascha Jacob. Alternative arrangements, such as refunds or postponements, will be discussed. She will not meet any consequential claims against her for such weather-related delays.

Occasionally, because of unforeseen circumstances, some lesson time may be lost: this will be recorded and suitably compensated at a later time or date. Appoinments may occasionally have to be re-scheduled so that the car can be used by another student for the driving test. Students are asked to be patient over such an alteration: they may have cause to benefit from it when they take their test.

Sascha will try to deal with any complaint in a prompt and sensible manner that is agreeable to both parties.


Students must comply with all the necessary legal requirements such as holding an appropriate and valid driving licence. Eyesight (with spectacles if necessary) must be in accordance with government requirements. Sascha will neeed to check these matters before tuition starts.

Students are expected to be punctual and suitably attired with unrestricted clothing. Long and tight coats or dresses may limit foot movements, and sensible footwear is important for safe pedal control. Students must not be under the influence of alcohol or any medication affecting their ability to drive safely. Smoking is not permitted in the vehicle.

A deposit is required when booking courses and on agreement of the date and time of the first lesson. This deposit confirms a contract and should be treated as non-refundable. Sascha Jacob may make full or part refund depending on her ability to take on replacement work. She may accommodate delay, postponement, or re-arrangement of lessons where possible, but this does depend on the notice given.

Arrangements for the practical driving test need to be discussed well in advance if Sascha's vehicle is to be used. She is not in a position to arrange the times of such tests herself, and it may be necessary to re-arrange other appointments. She will only permit the use of her vehicle for the driving test if she approves of the student's driving ability. The Driving Standards Agency requires three clear days' notice for cancellation. Less than this will result in loss of the Test Fee, and possibly also of tuition-time fees due to Sascha.

Any complaint or irregularity should be notified as soon as possible. If of a serious nature it should be in writing. If grievances cannot be quickly resolved then students should seek advice from Trading Standards, or Citizens' Advice Bureau, or any solicitor.

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