Car used by Sascha Jacob, ADI

Sascha has chosen the five-door Fiesta Edge as the most suitable small car for helping learner drivers to feel comfortable and build up their confidence.

It has dual controls and power assisted steering. An anti-lock braking system is an added safety feature. The interior is spacious, and air conditioned for comfort. The instruments are easy to read; the seats are ergonomically designed; and both the steering wheel and seats can be adjusted to avoid unecessary strain. Driver's and passenger's windows are electrically operated, and air bags are installed (but never used yet).

It is important that the car suits learners. An assessment session can be arranged for you to try it out. Contact Sascha for more details about this.

Sascha Jacobs, Government Approved Driving Instructor, ADI

Sascha - with her previous Vauxhall Corsa
(awaiting a sunny day to photograph the new Fiesta)

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