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You can take the driving seat, and Sascha will sit beside you.Sascha Jacob offers carefully structured driving lessons in and around south west Devon and south east Cornwall.

Sascha remarks "I know the level of ability, and various needs, of each of my students, and plan the routes they drive accordingly."

There is nothing worse than placing learner drivers in situations that will undermine their confidence. Even experienced drivers find some road junctions difficult to negotiate. Such tricky road situations are best avoided in the early stages. With care and diligence even nervous drivers can face up to all the challenges of rural and urban driving: leading to a successful driving test.

"My aim", says Sascha, "is to get my students up to the driving test standard as quickly as possible, and with minimum worry for them. I help them to build their confidence and skills. I am good at putting nervous drivers at ease. Many of my learners pass their driving test first time."Pass your driving test with lessons from Sascha Jacob

"Struggling to pass your theory test? There is no need to struggle alone. Contact me and book a theory lesson for helpful guidance through that challenging trial, or click - above - to get the FREE app."

Sascha offers a one hour assessment driving lesson at a reduced rate so that potential pupils can feel comfortable in her car. She can then advise on the best course of action that will be required.

She writes -

"Hello! My name is Sascha. I live with my husband and two young sons in the beautiful Tamar Valley. I have lived and worked within the Westcountry all of my life – there’s no better place!

"I settled into becoming a Driving Instructor after having several job roles, in different organisations, which mostly centred around tutoring and helping people.

"My strengths lie in my ability to communicate well with different people, and I love teaching. Add to this my love of driving and my passion for road safety, and here I am, doing what I am best at."

Sascha a tThruxton - click for enlargement

Here is a picture of Sascha having some high-powered fun.

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Pass your driving test with confidence with Sascha Jacob

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